Welcome to Castle Plastics!

Castle Plastics was founded by Gabrielle Serafini in 1920. He and his bride Emilia migrated from Castello di Alvito, Italy to Leominster, MA in the United States in 1911. For several years, Gabrielle worked in a local shirt factory. Then, in 1920, he started the family business, first named Castle Button Company, with the word Castle referring to the Italian city from which his family originated.

As the years passed, the business underwent several location and name changes; however, it always remained under the same family ownership. Moreover, we are still in the plastics business today. Materials, tool and dies, and injection molding have been in our family business all these years. We take pride in the fact that despite numerous challenges and economic turmoil, we have consistently been able to keep our doors open. 2015 marks our 95th anniversary!

Today, Castle Plastics is a leading manufacturer of horseshoe pads in North America. Our introduction to the equine industry was sudden, unplanned, and really accidental. One day, a family friend was observed shoeing one of his horses from his racing stable. During the process, he began to nail a hoof pad between the hoof and the shoe. From there, research and inquisition began in regards to the value the hoof pad served is assisting the horses to perform.

The Rest is History...

We have now been involved in the hoof care industry for over 25 years. We take pride in both the innovation and quality of all the products that we have developed and introduced to the market over the years, as well as the fact that each and every item that leaves our facility is manufactured in house.

We are extremely grateful to the farriers and horseshoe supply dealers that have willingly worked with us in order to help transform ideas and concepts into the many successful products that we have available today. As always, we continue to welcome and encourage any feedback from farriers, distributors, and equine enthusiasts. Our ultimate goal is soundness for the equine athlete!